Rise of the Runelords

Refresh, restock, and other Unpleasantness

Afer rescuing Aldern Foxglove, our hero’s were welcomed by the town, recognized as the saviors from the goblin raides. Chod Bevuk gave them fresh hot roasted meat, and Father Zantus with his clergy healed them of their wounds. Aldern rewarded our heros with hefty gold pouches, and invited them to a boar hunt, even offering to purchase them horses at Goblin Squash Stables, which the adventurer’s happily accepted. Adventurers met Ameiko, ad Bethany, Bethy, and ranger, all of whom welcomed him. Adventurers then split up to restock. Shadeles visited the Grocer Hall, where he purchased 3 days of supplies for everyone. Spinnel visited the Carpenter’s Guild, where she spotted one of the employees heading to The Pixies Kitten. Following him by herself, she was invited to join the other ‘ladies’ at the brothel, which was hastily declined. Kolziak purchased a wagon for the group from Wheens Wagon, which will be delivered in approximately 6 weeks. He also gathered his things from the hagfish, noting that there was what appeared to be goblin/half-orc half-breed in the shadows. Shadeles visted Risa, where he was told the story of Chopper and the late Unpleasantness. The others restacked atthe armory and smithy – with the exception of Bilbo and Valdor, who managed to get stinking drunk, moving from the Rust Dragon tavern to Pixie’s kittens.

All group members have now relocated to Rusty Dragon as new quarters, and (except for the drunken dudes), went on the fox hunt with Aldern. During the Boar hunt, one of Aldern’s lackeys managed to blind himself, while Kolziak field dressed the board to carry back to Bethany at the Rusty Dragon. Sadly, Raze has managed to show his inexpertise with bows, dropping his during the battle.

Upon return to the town, Kolzack visited Lars, the tanner, and is expected to have the tanned stomach of the boar delivered in 1 week, with the boar’s skin tanned to soft leather – wihthin 2 weeks. Stealthily, Raze purchased a portable alchemy lab, as they have all discovered a sleeping potion for Kolziak might be warranted.



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