House Rules

OOC talk: Must raise hand if talking out of character. this is to ensure that you are creatively developing your character’s personality and actions as depicted by their alignment, characteristics, and backstory. Please try to keep in character as much as possible. That’s the fun :)

Absent: Please give at least 24 hours notice if you cannot attend. If you can attend by checking in via chat, but not in person, that’s great. If you cannot attend at all, please select another member to play your character for you. If we cannot play your character for you, your character will be there, but non-participant, gaining no notoriety, loot, or xp.

Valor: For each act you perform, you get a d4 roll added to your valor/infamy up to 100. This increases the chance of an NPC recognizing you out of a d100 roll. (if your valor is 30, then the NPC rolling a 71 or higher recognizes or has “heard” of you.

Creativity: If you explain your action with great detail, or speak in your character well, GM may award +2 to the roll

Death: If you reach 0 or negative hitpoints, the following table is used to determine what happens.
no effect
3 stunned, lose next action
4 knocked down
5 knocked down & stunned
6 knocked out for 2d6 rounds
7 broken limb bone (DM dice determines) 2d4+9 weeks to heal (shock roll begins at here. save vs. constitution).
8 crush limb bone, 2d4+9 weeks to heal, but will never be 100% (exact effects up to DM)
9 broken ribs (or similar injury) (what’s the effect?) 2d4+9 weeks to heal
10 severed limb (DMs dice determines) will die in 3d6 rounds unless tourniquet applied, wound cauterized with fire, or Cure Serious Wounds cast (CSW used for this will not restore lost hp.).
11 fatal wound (gutted, stabbed through the heart, broken neck/back, &c.) die in 2d6 rounds
12 instant death (decapitation or other grevious wound)

Ability score checks for anything not covered:
Ability score Success on d8
18 1–7
16–17 1–6
13–15 1–5
9–12 1–4
6–8 1–3
4–5 1–2
3 1

Quick Action Rule:
Once battle is initiated, you have sixty seconds to describe what you’re doing in your combat round. If you have a question about the effect of your actions that will impact what you choose to do, that will freeze your timer. If you take longer than sixty seconds, your character is paralyzed by indecision and loses their turn. (This timer can be extended, or removed per GM/player discretion.) However, if you act within the first thirty seconds and don’t have to look anything up, you’ll get a +1 bonus to whatever you’re attempting, described as quickly reacting to the situation.

Crit 1: 1 is a fail/succeed. I will roll a d8. If the role is 4-8, the crit 1 could be a success. For example: You roll to dodge the attack, but roll a one. I roll a 6. You dodge the attack by slamming into the giant ogre next to you and get grappled. Technically you DID dodge the arrow. You roll a one to bluff, everyone believes you. You believe your own bluff. Roll a one on an attack, weapon is now firmly lodged in your enemy.

If you roll a die off the table, it’s considered a crit 1. evil grin

Combat Escalation: One one of the following events happen, the first round after the event, a d3 is rolled in addition to the standard attack roll, adding to the attack roll. The second round after the event, a d4 is rolled, adding to the attack roll, and the third and subsequent rounds after that, a d6 is rolled, adding to the attack roll. This is intended to emulate blood lust after successes during battle.

  • * Any Critical Hits
    The first time a non-minion monster is killed
    The first time a player becomes bloodied.
    The the first time a player uses an action point.

Being pushed, falling or tripping, or other non-combat related clutziness results in d6 roll for damage.

XP: Exp will be awarded a the end of each session, totaling each encounter. Players actively participating in the encounter will receive the full xp for the encounter. Absent players will not receive xp.

Encumberance. All palm-sized or smaller items is considered collectively 2 pounds. You cannot carry weight more than your 4 times your strength. If you have a strength of 10, you are limited to carrying and wearing 40 pounds or less.

Please consider purchasing a miniature to represent your character. I do have paper minis to lay on the table, but an actual mini would be so much better.

House Rules

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