Rise of the Runelords

Welcome to Sandpoint

On the eve of the Swallowtail festival, our intrepid adventurers made their way to Sandpoint. Kolzack, the half-orc, managed to convince Vandra, of the proprietress of the Farmer’s Feedbag to give him a room, despite her obvious dislike. Ratty, and lice-infested though the blankets were, the Kolzack slept on the floor. The monk, Shadelas, retired to Risa’s place and obtained a room there after devotions in the new church. He met Spinnel, a dwarf, who also stayed the night there. Aviumus also spent the night in Risa’s Place. Raze and Tayla, on the other hand, managed to anger Ameiko, the proprietress of the Rusty Dragon while trying to bribe what she would be selling the next day at the Swallowtail Festival.

It is early morning in the quaint, seaside community of Sandpoint. The sun has just risen; its warm glow marking the first day of autumn. A gentle breeze carries with it the smell of the ocean, a whirl of leaves just beginning to tinge vibrant fall colors, and despite the early hour, the sounds of rejoicing. this year’s celebration is commemorating the loss of the cathedral to the goddess Desna in a fire that also tragically claimed the lives of Father Ezakien Tobyn and his adopted daughter, Nualia, five years ago, and its subsequent grand reconstruction.

Having arrived late to the opening ceremonies, Spinnel managed to climb up a tree (having arrived late to the opening ceremonies), while the others mingled in the crowd near the church to hear the welcomes and notices by the lovely Mayor Kendra Deverin, the Sherriff Belor Hemlock, Cyrdak Drokkus, the proprietor of our local theater, and the Father .Zandus, priest of Desna.

While the intrepid adventurers stocked up on weapons, armor, and even a couple donkeys, Kolzack went to play at the Cracking Wood contest. He managed to win, (just barely) because the smithy’s hands slipped on the axe handle, causing him to twist his ankle, hindering his swings. Shadeles the monk decided to participate in the spicy potato contest against the dungsweeper, Gorvi, and Ven Vinder, owner of the General Store. The monk beat out Ven, earning his ire, and angering Risa with his comment that her potatoes were ‘only mild’. However, Shadelas has earned 1 year of free meals at Risa’s as well as the small gold pouch. Smithy enjoyed a good trade with Kolzack and his pelts, despite Kolzack’s half-orc status, earning the half orc a warm invitation to continue trade.

The feasting began just after a wagon released a swarm of swallowtail butterfles, in honor of the blind girl who nursed the goddess Desna back to health after the goddess fell to earth. The blind girl was rewarded by being turned into an immortal swallowtail. Spinnel nearly missed this, having gotten stuck while trying to climb back down out of her tree. She was aided by Kolzack, the half-orc, to her furious embarrassment.

Not long into the feast, however, Shadelas heard the stomping of feet, just before 3 goblins came screeching into the square, killing a poor stray dog. While the cries of fear and pain rose as goblins infliltered other areas of Sandpoint, our adventures fought bravely to protect their beer.. err.. food.. err.. fellow citizens.

Kolzack, the half orc, managed to slice the Achilles heel of one of the goblens, grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up. However, Raze has proven himself to clumsy, attempting to swing a mace over Kolzack’s head to hit the goblin, and winding up tripping the half orc, to the grown, causing all 3 of them to be come prone. Kolzack was disappointed he couldn’t ‘go long’ with the dwarf.. to say the least. While that goblin didn’t survive the orc’s subsequent attack, the monk had a tad more success.

Shadelas, in flurry of unarmed blows, managed to critically hit a second goblin, desmbowling him when his fingers pulled the entrails out of the goblin’s stomach, In addition, Spinnel the dwarf fighter is angry at Shadeles the might monk for killing the goblin her tiny dwarf legs were chasing, the awful goblin who threatened to attack them with the mangled corpse o the dog he killed, or the chicken leg in his hand….making Shadelas a 2x goblin killer! The dwarf barbarian seemed quite put out that not a swing she had…

Aviius is greatly impressed by the subdued yet dangerous monk, Shadelas. Kolzack didn’t blame Raze for the trip, but is mistakenly calling him a mighty warrior. That remains to be seen…

The adventurers have been approached by a shaken, pale Mayor, as citizens continue to either chase or defend themselves against goblins, drag the wounded to safety, and take stock of those that may need to be buried…….



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