Rise of the Runelords

Die, Dog, Die!

Chaos has engulfed Sandpoint, after the attack at the Swallowtail Festival! As our intrepid adventures bind wounds and regroup, catching their breath, they can see goblins running amok and singing and slashing indiscriminately. A sudden bloom of fire grabbed their attention, and they race towards it.

A group of goblins has found the cart full of fuel for the bonfire just south of the festival grounds and have lit it on fire. Our intrepid adventures are confronted with several cackling and shrieking goblins armed with dogslicers and torches. As soon as the goblins
see them, they shriek in delight and attack. Thankfully, despite a goblin warchanger singing and encouraging those with her, the defenders prevail, dividing up the meager goblin goods. Father Zantus quickly rushes to their side, offering his aid, when suddenly, they notice a well-dressed noble ducking behind a barrel at the White Deer Inn.

(and this is where we resume after a looong absence.. )



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